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Is the TCS Int. Challenge the best softball weekend event?

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by FirecrackersMC » Mon Dec 19, 2022 3:40 pm

TCS International Challenge was created to showcase players born in the US that are eligible to play for National Olympic teams. Also, for players to play for a country that due to politics or actual politics will never be able to play for their Heritage.

One of 3 amazing things is that...
#1: IT IS NOT A PAY-TO-PLAY event. Players MUST make the team and there is no fee to play.
#2: More than 45 players have been recruited to play for National Olympic Teams from this event.
#3: College coaches are coming more and more because they can see top players from all over the US play in 1 place over the weekend.



Podcast on the International Challenge event:

So, Is the TCS International Challenge the best softball weekend event?
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