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Crossing home plate

What's on your mind?

by NumeroUno » Sun Jan 29, 2023 8:51 am

Crossing Home Plate with Kate: Blocking Out the Noise

Sometimes when things weren’t going right in the box I turned to too many people for advice. Heck, I remember hearing people shout from the stands “helpful tips.”

During those moments, I tried to block out all of those suggestions, slow my breathing down, and stay calm. I finally realized that it wasn’t my swing that needed “fixing”, but just my head. There are so many times where players are over coached that maybe it’s best to let them figure it out and keep any adjustments very small and simple. Don’t try and force an outcome. This almost never works and does more damage than good.

As a player, I always had times where I had self doubt but I didn’t let it consume me. More times than not, I trusted my preparation and that I would get back on track sooner rather than later by staying in control of my emotions. Like anything else, this took me a long time to understand and implement. But when I did, I grew tall and confident. So there was no stopping me but me.

Until next time,

Katie C.

Enjoy the Journey
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