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Friendly Fleecing

by indakitchen » Mon Feb 15, 2021 7:10 pm

I get the fact that playing friendlies right now in California is a challenge. However, the people running these are not doing our players any service. Stay with me for a minute here.
1. Most of these parks we are playing at are not permitted. This means the host is not paying a dime for these fields. We know they are not permitted because the restrooms are not open and locations are way off the beaten path. Playing back to back to back games without a restroom with young ladies is not healthy.
2. They jacked the prices up to $75 a game claiming fields are more expensive due to Covid?
3. Still only have 1 umpire
4. Drop dead games of 1:15 or 1:20. Most qualifiers or bracket games are 1:45 no new or 7 innings
5. Fields are not chalked or drug before each game. We are lucky if the umpire tries to chalk to field before you play. Even the 1st game of the day, fields are not often prepped.
6. Schedules get changed 3 times from Thursday to Sunday. Yet, not all coaches are notified.

Now let’s do the math.
2 fields, 6 games each field @ $75 per game.
12 games x 2 teams = $1800
1 umpire for 12 games @ $50 a game = $600
2 fields not permitted = $0
Friendly host then clears $1200.00 for crappy fields, 1 umpire, no field maintenance, DD 1:15, non-communicated schedule changes and no restrooms.

If we don’t want to leave the state every weekend, this is one of the few options we have right now. Just trying to raise awareness in hopes the people running these have a conscience and start making it about the players. I do not mind if the host makes some money at the end of the day for coordinating and making a schedule. But, for the product they are providing right now they definitely should not be clearing $1200 a day for only 12 games.

I don’t have the answer, they have us over a barrel right now. However, maybe there is a way for us coaches to force a standardize friendly pricing?

For what we are getting above should only be $40.00 a game.
Host would still clear $360
For permitted fields with restrooms, 1 umpire, 1:20 drop dead and field maintenance $60.00 a game.
Host would now clear $400
For permitted fields with restrooms, field maintenance with 2 umpires and 1:45 DD. Price $75.00 a game.
Host would clear $500.00
This time of year only could get 5 games in per field. After daylight savings and adding a 6th game per field.
Host would clear $640.00

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by 110% » Wed Feb 17, 2021 10:44 am

100% Correct. I'm all for a host making a few bucks, set up a candy snack bar and make a few more dollars for all I care, but 1:15 drops for $70-$75 is theft. Last week the field was lined for game one and it looked like some guy coming home from the bar last night did it. I'm sure the host is splitting some of it with the teams that seem to be doing the field maintenance, like it's their "home field" like the hosts are brokers for them, but it's still not right. Play one less game and let us play 1:45 drop.
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by Backnine » Mon Apr 05, 2021 7:29 am

If it was easy, everybody would be doing it, right?
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by 110% » Tue Apr 06, 2021 1:00 pm

It's not too difficult to be honest with people. Leaving teams hanging or overcharging is bullshit. Randy from D1programs does both. But the fields are opening up and his money tree will be gone..
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