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by NumeroUno » Wed May 17, 2017 10:04 pm

Heybucket member discount

CSI Creative Sports Innovations is proud to announce, the introduction of the next generation DOM dugout Manager,

The Transformer DOM.. The TRANSFORMER DOM is guaranteed to transform any dugout in chaos and disarray into a SAFE, Organized, Professional & FUN dugout! This revolutionary design includes, a 2 bat holder system for all players, especially those players advancing to the next level of play.

Its BOLD steel plated texture embodies the designer’s idea to provide a top quality, robust product built to last.

Transformer has a uniquely designed, designated helmet holder allowing a player to hang the helmet directly over the bats; the batting gloves can be placed on top of the helmet. The player simply put on the batting gloves, then the helmet, picks the bat of choice, based on the play before them, and BAM, ready to ROCK.. The center double drink holder includes an upper band to add support the drink, it also provides a place for the player to hang your prescription, sun or protective glasses during a game. A perfectly placed whole with a carabiner allows the player to hang the TRANSFORMER from any equipment bag ready the go, unclip your TRANSFORMER, hang it on the fence, hang all your equipment, relax and play ball! The entire part is reinforced throughout and all its parts, hangers and hooks are thick, round, smooth and robust designed to last beyond a players career, Guaranteed! Call for more information at 800-890-8987 or email at:

11” X 11” 11 ounces

CSI. Creative Sport Innovations

Cell: 714-313-0518
Free 800-890-8987

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