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Final Rant - 12U 06

by BB12 » Thu Aug 08, 2019 4:07 pm

Back from a grueling Academy workout. While watching a"non-parent" coach trying to free a pit-bull tangled in a bow-net, I met a couple guys "down on their luck" enjoying large cans of "Steel Reserve" and smoking what looked like lawn clippings.

I loved the enthusiasm of the parents, I couldnt tell if they were trying to avoid the salesman or scared of being bitten by a dog, but many of them got as good as workout as their kids.

The workout was awesome and filled with incredible talent. If you are new to this the "ringers" usually have airbrushed helmets, socks with stars on them, or multi-colored eye black. I really loved hearing the ping coming off the aluminum bats, reminded me of my playing days.

Enough nostalgia, I got bit pretty good by a dog and my pain killers are wearing off.

At PGF the NorCal teams did pretty well I guess. They all attended the opening ceremonies, traded some pins and all played at least 5 games. The results were not surprising, I saw a couple teams that were not at top form and heard a flurry of excuses as to why. It seems that being the best in March might not be the best plan for winning July. What was clear is that the talent in NorCal is spread too thin and as tryouts are wrapping up its only getting thinner.

The Nuggets had the best run finishing in the top 8, Cabernet Grapes were 2nd, Lady Magic 3rd.

I still cant get over that FloSoftball had AASA Macias as the "team to watch" from NorCal. What the hell were they smoking? and where can I get some? They were not even the best 07 NorCal team in Premier, Universal 07 is better as were all the 06 teams. Objectivity or absolute incompetence?, I will let you make that call.

In defense of Flosoftball most NorCal teams were done pretty early and made the Orange County Chamber of Commerce very happy.

PGF is just one week but is the culmination of 9-12 months of work. Any coach who went two and que and says "they are only 12-13 yrs old and its about the fun and experience" should wrap their head around the fact that parents spend thousands of dollars and many of us can "experience" a weekend in Huntington Beach anytime we want. No offense but PGF is not relaxing, its a grind, not a vacation and parents want to have fun watching their kids win a game or two.

I dont think most parents that made the drive of shame back over the Grapevine on Friday morning were saying "I hope we go back and choke again next year" because that free breakfast at the $200/night hotel in the middle of Costa Mesa was awesome.

I hope that tryouts are going well and that the coaches that decided to move forward to 14U can pick up players and get stronger. The Grapettes and AASA have added more teams which will thin the talent in the areas where these "new" teams pop up and Universal FP us advertising an 06 team as well.

My friend tells me to watch out for the "SouthBay Sirens" a new southbay program poised to make a big impact in Norcal fastpitch competing with regional powers like Cal Rays and SV Fusion. If you live in the South Bay, have an airbrushed helmet or the star socks you might check them out.

There are lots of rumors flying about player movement which means the "Travel Ball Transfer Portal" is wide open. Is it me or should teams wait until PGF is completed to host tryouts (2nd week of August)?

My Final Rankings 12U 06

1. Cal Nuggets
2. Cabernet Grapettes
3. Lady Magic
4. AASA Mortimer
5. Sorcerer - "L-T-B"
6. SJ Sting
7. UFP 07
8. Cal Breeze (New Grapettes 916)

9. Cal Crossfire
10. Sirens (for my boy)

Anyway, looks like 14U is gonna be rough, some dude on another post talked about spankings, doesnt everyone enjoy a good spanking. I like to wear spandex to avoid bruising.

I got to go, I have a paid gig writing the Sirens mission statment, debating whether to call it an academy, a program, or an org. They are paying me a sixer of Colt45 and 3 packs of Newports. I am gonna go with Academy of Sirens and call it good.

Ill check back in when tryouts and transfers are complete.
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by notthisagain » Thu Aug 08, 2019 4:45 pm

Compliments to your reviews BB12.
More teams may not be better teams. But more percentage of NorCal teams in the tournament might give a better percentage chances finally winning.
That or Nor-Cal Alliance team?
Oh someone in spandex would have to switch to the other dugout.
Parents may have to tolerate biting their tongues to get along. Worse yet, the players themselves may have to compete for the top spot and there might be another family's daughter that will beat your daughter out at their position. And you may not make the alliance team. Oh oh.
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by Robtump » Mon Aug 12, 2019 3:12 pm

Always entertained by your posts. FloSoftball loses credibility when they list the least accomplished Nor Cal team as a “team to watch” at Nationals. I’ve done a few of their games and they struggled to compete vs the top teams in Nor Cal. I thought Grapettes Kapp, Universal 07, and Nuggets - Oak had quality wins vs the top 06 teams. I know it’s early, but I look forward to seeing your pre-season fall top 18,14, 12, and 10 rankings!

Don’t Go Down Looking!

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by BB12 » Tue Aug 13, 2019 6:56 pm

I am going to wait until the Travel Transfer Portal has officially closed and the rosters are set prior to posting the Fall Pre-Season Rankings.

I have to stay in my lane and stick to 10s, 12s, and 14s....

Now, back to my Old English, and Cheetos.

Will 2020 be the year where a male coach goes "no shorts over the tights"....we can call it the "superhero look"? that type of motivation will certianly impress the folks at FloSoftball. Could be the next "team to watch" from Norcal.
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by sftblldad25 » Sun Nov 17, 2019 12:31 pm

BB12, at a Turkey tournament in So Cal and the NorCal contingent is here if full tights over shorts regalia! Holy schnikes! The shit is funny! :roll: :lol:
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by centurian » Sun Nov 17, 2019 8:42 pm

sftblldad25 wrote:BB12, at a Turkey tournament in So Cal and the NorCal contingent is here if full tights over shorts regalia! Holy schnikes! The shit is funny! :roll: :lol:

Arent we all glad they still wear shorts over tights.
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by BB12 » Wed Nov 20, 2019 1:47 pm

On behalf of the people of Northern California that have made peace with their gender, I apologize.

Ya, the gender confusion up here is spreading, these are the same dudes who urinate while sitting down and drink Mike's hard lemonade in the parking lot during tournaments.

They pretend the leggings are about keeping their muscles loose, but come on, you are coaching 3B, not running a triathlon.

What they dont realize is that their mothers fought hard in the late 1970s "War against men" also know as the ERA Movement so they (their moms and grandmothers) wouldnt have to wear pantyhose. Now they go to watch their grandchildren play and see grown men parading around in tights.

I still feel really sorry for the person who has to launder the leggings after a long day at the complex. The inside probably look like the fake zebras at a Tijuana donkey show.

I used the term Superhero look, but in reality these dudes are just embracing their inner "Bruce Jenner" and in California we are mandated to accept that.

I think that as man panties become more accepted, one of these attention starved dudes will rock some Daisy Dukes, a Speedo, or possibly an old fashion jock strap over their leggings. Hopefully I wont be around.
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