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Nor Cal 14u Fall Rankings

by PunchlinesportsNC » Wed Oct 02, 2019 10:54 am

I see a lot of stuff on here about the young 14s. lets not forget about the older ones.
As most teams, except Lady Magic, have lost players and coaches, the top teams will adapt and get better. After all the movement, this is how I see the rankings prior to the first big test of the season.
1 Universal Fastpitch 2023 Faulstitch. (haven't played yet)
2 LTG Henderson (haven't played yet)
These two teams have been the cream of the crop since 10s. Both lost a top pitcher to 18g but I give the edge to Universal based on them landing another one of LTGs top pitchers.
3 Grapettes Gann/Kapp (won Fall Blast Off)
4 Sorcerer Schroll (won the Org Challenge)
5 Firecrackers Ricks (won Back to School Bash)
6 Batbusters Brooks (won Young Guns)
7 Batbusters Ching (won The Patriot)
To round out the top ten there will be several teams vying for the spots.
CA Nuggets
Sorcerer Bigley
Grapettes 06
Lady Magic
AASA Mortimer
Firecrackers Guevara
AASA Augusto

Sorry for my hiatus
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by BB12 » Thu Oct 03, 2019 8:31 am

Now I realize now that you folk out there in the Sac-San Joaquin area have replaced chili cook offs with small batch meth cook offs which is much better for weight loss, but can cause some mental hiccups.

You forgot about the SUNCATS.
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by PunchlinesportsNC » Mon Oct 07, 2019 11:27 am

First big test of the season down.
Universal Fastpitch 2023 Faulstich Hands down top team in Nor Cal. incredibly athletic and talented from top to bottom. Won the Phil Mumma Memorial in dominating fashion.
LTG Henderson Tough draw this Sunday. Universal sent them home early but still the second best up here.
CA Breeze 2023 Made the ship. Definitely a team to contend.
Firecrackers Ricks Lost to Breeze on a walk off in ITB. They can hit.
Grapettes Gann/Kapp
Sorcerer Schroll
Sorcerer Bigley/Everett

Everyone Else

Where were you at?
Batbusters Brooks
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by BB12 » Tue Oct 08, 2019 12:37 pm

I am gonna jump in the mix in a day or two. I couldnt decide whether to get a 209 or a 916 neck tattoo so I decided to get both and the 209 side got infected, go figure, that's what happens when you go the extra mile to fit in.

I probably should have just gone with some capri short pants and saved myself the agony. I wound up with some nice pain killers, and the tattoo guy said the 925 tattoo is on the house once the infection wears off.

Saw lots of softball this weekend, some good some bad. Agree with some of the previous post but the bracket really helped some teams and hurt others (LTG).

I was hoping to save my post until the Crossfire guy went but the game I watched them play looked more like their opponent was filming a base running instructional video than a softball game.

If any of you missed the chance to catch a Crossfire game this weekend, you can catch them playing AST in Fremont or Hayward for the foreseeable future.

Got to get back to work at the fertilizer plant.
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by BB12 » Thu Oct 10, 2019 11:33 am

Just returned from the proctologist, the doctor convinced me that since my last visit, patients are now blindfolded? He told me how much he enjoyed the visit and the crap pipe is looking good. I think he coaches the Crossfire

My neck is healed and the 209 tattoo looks great, my next will be either a pitbull on my forearm or my favorite NFL team on my calf. It's hard and a little expensive to fit in out there. I dont even have a lifted truck or cool guy sunglasses yet.

I think it's still too early for rankings but what the hell:

05/Mixed 05/06 (based on some early results)

1. Universal 05
2. LTG 05
3. Cal Breeze 05
4. CC Firecrackers Rick's
5. Grapes Gann
6. Sorcerer Schroll
7. CC Dirtdogs - Vasquez 05
8. BB Brooks
9 BB Ching
10 AASA Agusto

HM - AASA Mortimer, BB Atkins, Cal Nuggets Woods


1. Cabernet Grapes (Moose)
2. Sorcerer LTB
3. Lady Magic
4. Suncats (no record)
5. Grapes 916

Its early and the transfer portal has opened again but some early thoughts.

05s./mixed, look VERY top heavy, the top 05 and mixed teams are pretty deep at the positions that the rest of the teams are running "help wanted" ads for.

06s. It looks like a continuation of last summer with Cabernet Grapes, Lady Magic, Sorcerer LTB looking good. The Suncats assembled a good 06 team and time will tell if the biblical quotes, 27 uniforms, and practices with 93 Bow-Nets can keep them together.

The head scratcher is WTF happened to the Sting and Nuggets. The Sting 06 team lost some kids to the Suncats and brought in a new expert staff. Just looking at the results so far it is not working, unless they are trying to emulate the Cal Ray's.

The 06 Nuggets left 2019 PGF Nationals with a top 7 finish, they, like the Sting dumped their coaches in favor of softball experts. It didnt work. The experts look like they specialize in poor performance, poor excecution, lack of energy, and arrogance.

Last spring/summer it looked like the South Bay was making a comeback, but just like a couple 06 programs in the Sac/Elk Grove area, insert a "expert/legend" and watch your level of play fall apart.

I know the Sac / San Joaquin Mutual Admiration Society is celebrating the demise of the South Bay. You can put your glass pipe and tin foil down because just when you thought you were back on top, that 05 UFP team and in time 06 Cabernet Grapes are going to huff and puff and blow your trailer parks and meth labs down.
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by notthisagain » Fri Oct 11, 2019 6:44 am

NorCal rankings looks like list all the teams in NorCal. "Everyone gets an honorable mention to be inclusive". Come on seperate the crowd.
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by BB12 » Mon Oct 14, 2019 9:44 am

LoveMeSomeFastpitch wrote:BB12,

For the record, I never said Crossfire was good, I said you would see a level of play you never thought existed at this age level. I think you would have to agree I was right. But then again, did you check out their orange flame socks? Those had to be the most fashionable socks at the tournament, and despite what anyone tells you, that counts something when ranking these teams. . Lastly, they never gave up during Sunday's bracket play. The game only ended because of that dumb run-rule thing. .

I stand corrected, I drink way too much and when I mix booze and pain killers, which some refer to as "continental breakfast" in Stockton, my comprehension suffers.

Your post is awesome. I did catch the socks, I remember my kids wearing similar ones back in the Wreck All-Star days, they were probably left over from an AST Crazy Sock tourney where the Crossfire dominated the likes of the Ceres Sizzle and Rocklin Thunder in the Silver Bracket.

Speaking of fashion, I was down at the PGF Shootout and NorCal was well represented in gender neutral man tights. I am still waiting for someone to break the "shorts over tights barrier".

UFP made the Championship and Sorcerer Spandex won a bracket game, other than that it was a win for the Orange County Chamber of Commerce.

I was also wrong about Suncats, looks like 27 uniforms, biblical quotes, and a legion of bownets, cones and impressive video clips produced 0-5 and 1 run in 3 games on Saturday.

I am sure that God is not happy, but pretty sure there will be a new Suncat video with lots of bow-nets, militaristic marching and an inspirational biblical quote at the end.

People are praying with you Suncats, because after watching the 14U Nuggets and Sting teams you are the South Bays only hope.

Maybe God is a Cal Ray's fan.
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by PunchlinesportsNC » Mon Oct 28, 2019 11:09 am

Third big test of the fall and not much has changed.
Universal 2023 wins the PGF Ultimate Challenge
Ltg Henderson takes second at the PGF U.C. Did beat Universal in pool play.
Grapettes Gann Made it to Semis
Batbusters Brooks Made it to Semis
Breeze And Firecrackers Ricks Did not play
The rest in no particular order
CA Nuggets
Grapettes Moose
Sorcerer Bigley Everett
Sorcerer Schroll
AASA Mortimer
Lady Magic
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by PunchlinesportsNC » Tue Nov 12, 2019 3:15 pm

With the season almost over here is what I have.
Universal 2023
Batbusters Brooks
Sorcerer Bigley
LTG Henderson
Grapettes Gann
Grapettes Moose
Ca Breeze 2023
Firecrackers Ricks
Ca Nuggets
AASA Mortimer
Lady Magic
Sorcerer Schroll
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by Robtump » Sun Nov 24, 2019 12:08 pm

Final Fall Rankings for 14u in 2019! Strong fall season for some of the 06 teams (McNair and Bigley) but the 06s aren’t ready to consistently beat the big girls yet. The Grapes and Sorcerers - Bigley will be the favorites until the high school girls start playing PGF. Guessing the top 4 will spend a lot of time in LA this summer. Expect Schroll and Mortimer to reload before the 2020 season so don’t count them out.

1 Universal - Faulstitch
2 LTG - Henderson
3 Batbusters - Brooks
4. Firecracker - Ricks
5. Grapettes Gann/Kapp
6 breeze 2023
7 Batbusters - Ching
8. Grapettes - McNair
9. Sorcerers - Bigley
10. Sorcerers - Schroll
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