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Nor Cal 14u Fall Rankings

by centurian » Sun Nov 24, 2019 12:50 pm

Robtump wrote:Final Fall Rankings for 14u in 2019! Strong fall season for some of the 06 teams (McNair and Bigley) but the 06s aren’t ready to consistently beat the big girls yet. The Grapes and Sorcerers - Bigley will be the favorites until the high school girls start playing PGF. Guessing the top 4 will spend a lot of time in LA this summer. Expect Schroll and Mortimer to reload before the 2020 season so don’t count them out.

1 Universal - Faulstitch
2 LTG - Henderson
3 Batbusters - Brooks
4. Firecracker - Ricks
5. Grapettes Gann/Kapp
6 breeze 2023
7 Batbusters - Ching
8. Grapettes - McNair
9. Sorcerers - Bigley
10. Sorcerers - Schroll

Uhhh firecracker ricks stuffed in there...gonna guess thats ur dd team.
Give a game update to support.
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by PunchlinesportsNC » Fri Nov 29, 2019 10:27 pm

As the fall season comes to a close these are the final rankings.
1. Universal 2023 Faulstitch 3 tourney wins and 1 runner up. 2020 PGF Invite.
2. LTG Henderson Had a couple hiccups but beat Universal in pool play in Salinas. 2020 PGF Invite.
3. Sorcerer Bigley Best of the 06 teams and better of the two Sorcerer teams. Beat LTG.
4. Batbusters Brooks Battled some tough teams well. Beat LTG.
5. Grapettes Moose Lost some players but Moose didnt skip a beat. Came close to beating Universal.
6. Grapettes Gann Good team with strong pitcher. 2020 PGF Invite.
7.Ca Breeze 2023 Nice reload this season.
8. Lady Magic Boykin Strong 06 team. Also came close to beating Universal.
9.Sorcerer Schroll Sub par fall for Bill. 2020 PGF Invite.
10. Firecrackers Ricks Haven't seen much of them. Would like to rank them higher but they weren't around.

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by MrNostalgia » Sun Dec 01, 2019 11:18 pm

Curious as to what metrics you're using to rank these teams. I see the grapes gann position higher and flip flopped with the other grapettes. Also, There are some teams that are ranked pretty high but have not seen top teams. Before I can chime in, I guess I need to know what stats or measurements your using because it doesn't make sense.
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by PunchlinesportsNC » Mon Dec 02, 2019 10:47 am

Make your own criteria.
Universal and LTG are in a league of their own, then, there's everyone else.
Have to give credit to those who have either beaten, or have come close to beating these two teams. That's the criteria I used.
Can't wait to see your rankings.
Good luck to all teams with their tryouts.
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by MrNostalgia » Mon Dec 02, 2019 3:38 pm

You are 100% on universal and Ltg and definitely credit goes where it’s due for coming close. The list is subjective obviously but I was curious to see how everyone has come up with their list. Period. My take is Pretty much based on who has played who. Some teams trophy hunt and divert from facing the strong teams. IMO playing strong teams every tourney is worth more attention than a less challenging tourney whether there’s tons of teams. Same is said for playing up a division. There are some
Strong teams being built on this last that is for sure. Going to be an interesting spring!

1.Universal 2023 Faulstitch
2. LTG Henderson.
3. Grapettes Gann
4. Sorcerer Bigley
5. Batbuster brooks
6. Sorcerer Schroll
7.Grapettes Moose
8.Ca Breeze
9. lady Magic Boykin
10. Firecrackers Ricks H
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by Sue Trubovitz, Turbo » Wed Dec 04, 2019 1:59 pm

Like the thought process in your post.

Heard thru the Grapette'vine recently Moose picked up more talent and more strong hitting.

Anyone have report's of the other teams from these seasonal tryouts?

Sue Trubovitz, Turbo
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