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*New* 07-12u rankings for fall

by NorcalFP » Sun Oct 06, 2019 4:44 pm

Now that 06’s have moved up to 14u, I’m curious to see what everyone’s thoughts are on the 07 12u’s this fall???
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by SouthbayFP » Sat Oct 12, 2019 12:06 pm

Now that the fall season is upon us it’s time to give a ranking for the 12U age group.

1. Grapettes- Kapp
2. Athletics Mercado- Walling
3. AASA- Macias
4. Firecrackers North
5. Lady Bandits
6. Cal Nuggets Woods
7. Cal Breeze 07
8. Hollister Blackjacks
9. Salinas Storm-Salter
10. Dirtdogs Vasquez

The Grapes have won the most PGF tournaments this fall with 2. They finished in the top 3 of every tournament they have entered and have only a few losses on their season so far. They have the fastest kids in the age group and if your team doesn’t field the bunt very well they will kill you.
Don’t be surprised by this new team, Athletics Mercado, previously the Universal 07 team. They recently won the hardest tournament of the fall so far. They have a strong pitching corps and are deep with power hitters.
AASA Macias has returned from their strong spring season and “are the team to watch.” They added a few more players, notably a strong pitcher. They don’t have much depth past her but their defense keeps them in games. They have scrappy hitters that are hard to get out. Firecrackers North has had a rollercoaster of a season so far. Some tournaments they destroy the completion and others they fail. They have a lot of returning players so they are working with a strong core. I think they are consistent enough to stay amongst the top teams this season.
These are the only teams who have won a PGF tournament this season so they are all I’ll breakdown. The remaining teams in the top 10 have done well but haven’t been able to claim the prize on Sunday evening.

Look for this fall to be a good battle amongst the top 3 teams. Macias was said to be “the team to watch” at PGF Nationals by FloSoftball. They finished 33rd in the 12U Premier Division. Athletic Mercado will be a strong team as they have joined the powerhouse organization from Southern California. They finished 33rd as well in the Premier Division, previously as Universal 07. Grapettes will be the hardest “small” team anyone faces all season. They are all fast as lightning and hard to defend. They finished 25th at PGF Nationals in the Platinum division.
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by SouthbayFP » Wed Oct 23, 2019 8:27 pm

It’s been a few weeks since my last ranking of the 12U age group.

Several NorCal teams went down to Orange County and reminded us of why a NorCal team will never win a PGF National Championship. If you look at the PGF website, you will notice that they hyped this tournament as one of the most highly competitive invitational events in the country. Elite teams from 18U, 16U, 14U, and 12U. They must have been talking about Southern California elite teams because NorCal teams didn’t provide much resistance. Some of the best teams in NorCal didn’t even make the drive down there.
While the “most elite” teams from NorCal were down south, the others battled up in Stockton. Blackjacks had a good weekend, beating the Yard Sharks to win. For that they move up in my rankings. This past weekend AASA Macias beat Athletics Mercado. It seemed to be a close battle until AASA got hot. Macias seems to be the “team to watch” in PGF this fall. Based on their win I am moving them up too. I think it would be “unfair” to drop the Grapes too far, since they didn’t play this weekend. If Mercado went down and played in Huntington Beach last weekend I could argue that they are number 2 but they didn’t so I can’t.

Here they are:

1. AASA- Macias
2. Grapettes- Kapp
3. Athletics Mercado- Walling
4. Firecrackers North
5. Hollister Blackjacks
6. Lady Bandits
7. Cal Nuggets Woods
8. Cal Breeze 07
9. Salinas Storm-Salter
10. LTG-07
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by Robtump » Thu Nov 21, 2019 10:34 pm

Final year-end rankings. The 07’s are still extremely top heavy and thats not changing between now and the spring/summer season. We will see if any of the bottom teams can close the gap but my expectation is the top 3 teams take turns beating each other up until they head down south to play in PGF Nationals. I will see you-all next year and don’t go down looking!

1. Athletics Mercado
2. AASA Macias
3. Grapettes Kapp
4. Lady Bandits
5. Nuggets Woods
6. Yard Sharks
7. Hollister BlackJacks
8. AASA Bryson
9. Salinas Storm
10. Firecrackers North
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by SouthbayFP » Mon Nov 25, 2019 9:09 am

This season was full of excitement. Here is a short recap. The Power 3 won most of the tournaments, Grapettes 3, Athletics Mercado 2, AASA Macias 2. Firecrackers, Blackjacks, and LTG each won 1.

And now it’s November and Fall softball is over for a few weeks. Most teams have held their spring tryouts and are ready for the new year to roll around. What will 2020 bring us? Did the Power 3 load up? Universal 07 is back. We will also see all the 06 players move up where they belong. This will affect a few teams that were 06 heavy this fall.
My final rankings of the Fall are:
1. Athletics Mercado- won the 2 biggest tournaments of the season. A solid well rounded team with bats.
2. AASA Macias- still “the team to watch”, except in the final tournament. They have a solid core.
3. Grapettes Kapp- Injuries seemed to plague them late in the season. They lost at least 2 studs for the season. They will reload though.
4. Yard Sharks- a surprise ranking since I never had them in the top 10, but they knocked off Macias twice this season and took AM into ITB in their final game. Even though they didn’t win a PGF tournament this fall, they had the fire power to do so. They had solid pitching, catching and middle defense.
5. Cal Nuggets- They were lead by a solid 1-2 punch in their pitchers. Their new pitcher that joined them this fall was lights out against AM. If they reload with a few bats, I expect them to move up in the rankings in 2020.
6. Firecrackers North- They won a tournament early and struggled to get back to form this season. They have a solid pitching combo. They won a few other tournaments with the “other guys”. Expect them to be solid in the Spring.
7. Lady Bandits- This is a tough team that is mostly a local organization team. They all mostly go to the same school. They are a bit top heavy with 06 players though, so what should we expect in the spring? Will the team reload on 07 players? Or move up to 14’s as a team?
8. Firecrackers Galaviz- They are a speedy team with a lot of heart. Good pitching and good coaches.
9. AASA Bryson- A good upcoming team that wasn’t on my radar early. They have a solid 1 pitcher that keeps them in games. They gave both AASA Macias and Athletics Mercado a hard game.
10. Salinas Storm- A young group with a lot of fight in them.
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by drsaline » Tue Dec 10, 2019 10:53 am

Everyone lists are subjective but I feel most listss are based on Recency Bias.
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by WhoMe » Thu Dec 12, 2019 12:33 am

Isn't it time to start the 2013s rankings? U6 parents are dying to know where they stack up.
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by PGF Junkie » Thu Dec 19, 2019 12:33 pm

You all need to stop posting rankings because you are upsetting who’s me. Someone must be forcing the poor guy to read hey bucket post. My fall ranking is Macias #1, Athletics #2, Kapp #3, Yarksharks #4, and Blackjacks #5 the next five need work. I’ve heard Macias added one of Kapps best players and Athletics got a few former Yard Sharks. As long as they both kept their core, they should be the cream of the crop up north. All the 06s will be gone so no more sandbagging teams during the spring. The premier berths were announced recently and as always there were a few surprises. The biggest surprise was the Sorcerers Yoder a mostly 08 team received a premier berth. What possess PGF to give a berth to a team that doesn’t compete for 1st to 3rd championships? The other injustice is Athletics Mercado will have to work for their berth, after being one of the best teams in Nor Cal in fall. I expected the Nuggets to get an organizational berth but I guess they didn’t perform well enough at the shootout or in PGF tournaments but that didn’t stop PGF from giving one to Sorcerers Yoder. FYI, who’s me, I’ll check back in the beginning of February with my updated rankings so please try not to look.
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by WhoMe » Thu Dec 19, 2019 5:13 pm

So upset I can hardly type :lol: :lol: :lol:
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by SouthbayFP » Mon Feb 17, 2020 12:56 pm

The spring season has started. For a few teams there really wasn’t an off season. Athletics and Firecrackers North went to Las Vegas in January. Athletics represented NorCal softball well, they beat several good teams. Grapes recently played a few games against a strong Washington team. Grapes won an early season tournament this weekend. They continued to show that they deserve the PGF Berth they were given. AASA Macias will be the team to watch in 2020. Can they live up to the Flo Softball hype? They played a start-up Universal 07 team. Not really any brownie points for them. AASA went to SoCal this past weekend and finished 1-1-2. They don’t seem as strong this season as they finished last fall. Athletics won the PGF spotlight last weekend and faced 3 strong teams in the process, They finished this past weekend 3-1 against 4 SoCal teams. Salinas Storm finished 2-3. I don’t know all the talent AASA, Athletics, or Salinas faced down there but I’ll assume all the talent was strong.

Spring season early ranking:
1. Athletics Mercado
2. AASA Macias
3. Grapettes Kapp
4. Salinas Storm
5. Firecrackers Galaviz
6-10. Field is wide open
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