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12u and 14u Nor Cal Rankings

by firecrackerdad1977 » Fri Mar 05, 2021 9:45 am

Things are starting to open up. Here are Northern California rankings for the 12u and 14u teams. I’m sure I missed a few, interested in seeing your rankings.

12u Nor Cal Rankings

1 - Sorcerer -Yoder
2- Universal - Kimura
3- Cal Nuggets
4- PS33 - Archie
5- Ohana Tigers - Bishop
6- Sorcerers -Davis
7- AASA -Camarena
8- Athletics Mercado - Almont
9- LTG - Buck 09
10- Lady Magic - Munoz 09

14u Nor Cal Rankings

1- Sorcerers -Bigley
2- Grapettes -McNair
3- Sorcerers -Schroll
4- Athletics Mercado - Walling
5- Suncats - Jimenez
6- Lady Magic - Boykin
7- Cal Nuggets - Oakland
T8- Firecrackers - Ramos
T8- Grapettes- Medina
9 - AASA - Mortimer
T10 - LTG Carda/Cat
T10- Firecrackers- Enyart
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by SouthbayFP » Mon Mar 08, 2021 8:11 am

I have not seen them all play yet, but seems pretty accurate to me. It will be nice to see how the rankings fall out after a few months of playing.
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by BB12 » Wed Mar 10, 2021 12:54 pm

Softball is back and so is the mutual admiration society of softball experts from areas where meth, monster trucks, and homes where you need a tire pressure gauge to check the foundation are the norm.

It looks like beef jerky and Keystone Light might be the cure for Covid because y'all made it.

I am so glad to see that all the familiar names are back on the top. Hopefully I can add a few nicknames in 2021.

14s are tough to rank because some of the teams are probably going dark for spring. In the end it will come down to pitching and Grapes have more than Sorcerer - Peter Pan.

Its not a secret, I really like the Grapes from Marin, they consistently win and opposing parents hate them for it. They are brash, loud, obnoxious, show up, kick your kids ass, and return to their 3 million dollar ranchers. Moose doesnt need leggings, lame sunglasses, or a boner brush (mustache) to prove he can coach, he just leaves the tournaments late on Sundays while you root against him on Gamechanger from your couch that Mooses parents donated to Goodwill.

Suncats are really good too, but because they are west of Tracy, you tobacco chewing folk who park on your front lawns wouldnt know of them. The rest of the upper tier Sorcerer Schroll, Nuggets, LTG, have a nice core of players but lack the depth and coaches willing to go all in with gender neutral fashion.

AM Walling is the best young team. They may have the best offensive line in 14U womans softball north of the grapevine.

The rest are just filler teams playing backyard friendlies and tournaments where the winners recieve a box of shotgun shells and a confederate flag.

Speaking of tournaments, it looms like AASA Mortimer won last weekends Crystal Meth Classic in Oroville. The prize package was a 18 pack of Natural Light and a carton of cigarettes. The players received T-shirts with the sleeves cut off. Congratulations on the victory.

In 12s its Sorcerer Yoder and then the rest can play all spring for 2nd. I do like the Ohana coach but the team has some work to do.

Sorcerer Davis, AASA Camarena, and AM Almont are nice teams.

Some of the 12U teams at these early tournaments couldnt beat a Park and Rec C All-Star team, which should be a public service message for parents who are using their stimulus checks to pay the next wave of clowns masquerading as softball coaches. If your team ends in Elite or Select, good time to hit the bricks.

Spend that money on some Yosemite Sam "back off" mud flaps for your lifted 1998 Chevy Siverado, an autograph picture of Dale Earnhardt and a new hunting rifle.

Thank god the days of playing in some dudes backyard or another time zone are coming to a close. Sure it sucks that the temperature check at Rainbow and Arnaiz are rectal, but when you love your kids the shame only lasts a few minutes

Its good to be back
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by Bluestone720 » Thu Mar 11, 2021 8:57 pm

You have to Travel outside of the NorCal Sacramento Travel league and win before you talk about rankings. Yoder and Almont Tied for 7th at Power 48 and beat many teams that could be #1 on this list in AZ last month. They were the only NorCal teams playing on Monday while everyone else was headed home. Both lost 4-3 or they would have been in the top 5 with Choppers Franco, BB Hudson, SoCal Athletics FitzPatrick and Ohana Hernandez.

1. Sorcerer Yoder
2. Athletics Mercado Almont
3. Universal Kimura
4. Batbusters Gonzales
5. Sorcerer Ricks
6. Firecrackers Snider
7. AASA Camerena
8. CalNuggets
9. Foothills Gold Woodcock
10. Grapettes Hernandez
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by SouthbayFP » Mon Mar 15, 2021 12:43 pm

It’s Monday morning after the first big PGF event in NorCal and we have a winner. Grapettes Moose beat Sorcerer Schroll in the Championship, showing that BB12 was right. We will see what happens over the next few months due to several of the 06 teams going dark. There won’t be much action in 14U at the high level, unless Athletics Mercado and AASA Macis square off. I haven’t seen too many 07 teams this spring so I can really call it on who is 3 behind these 2. Weigh in if you know.
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by SouthbayFP » Mon Apr 19, 2021 1:54 pm

The season is going strong, a lot of good teams are separating themselves from the pack. Here is my 14U top 10.
I. Sorcerer Bigley
2. Athletics Mercado Walling
3. Grapettes McNair
4. Sorcerer Schroll
5. Suncats Jimenez
6. Lady Magic Boykin
7. AASA Mortimer
8. Cal Nuggets Oakland
9. Firecrackers Ramos
10. Grapettes Medina

Making a push for the top 10:
LTG Carda
AASA Macias
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