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College Softball

Be prepared and believe in yourself

Everything you want to know about the greatest game

by NumeroUno » Mon Mar 29, 2021 1:53 pm

Be confident not cocky.
Walk in like you belong there.
Coaches not only watch players on the field they watch players interact with their parents, siblings and peers off the field. If a coach sees a player being rude to their parents they will assume that player will be an un-coachable player.
Be prepared and be early.
Cleats strapped up, gear ready, water in bag.
Your young adults not children. Never have mom or dad carry your gear or bring u water. U don’t bring water go without. ( be prepared )
Look the coaches in the eye. Introduce yourself with a firm hand shake. Smile and show them you want to be there and you love what you do.
If they ask you to do something hustle and do it. If they say pick up the balls make sure you pick up the most balls.
Don’t be a fly on the wall, get out in front.
When the coach is talking your eyes never leave the coaches eye.
This is a game, this is not a matter of life or death. Have fun, smile and give it 100%. Never walk away saying i wish i would of.
I wish i would have dove for that foul ball, i wish i would have ran into the fence to catch that home-run. Leave it all on the field.
Just like life whatever you do, do your best.
Win or loose we keep fighting, we fight until we eventually win.

Have fun, it’s just a game
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