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Do not go into the Fall Season without a Skills Video

Questions and Discussions Regarding the College Recruiting process

by VTR » Wed Aug 23, 2023 6:06 am

The Fall Season is fast approaching. Do not depend on emails and showcases to get it done for you. You need a skills video and an active agent who will actually shop you to Colleges. The cold hard fact is that if you are not the top one or two player on your team, you most likely will not get seen, unless you have someone acting on your behalf.
Coaches, do you want to attract more colleges to your games? We can make that happen by shopping your kids. Do not fall into the trap of telling players to email coaches. Think about it how many other teams are doing the same, that equals to thousands of emails. Do you really think colleges go through all those emails?
Team packages are available.
Players, Parents and Coaches call today for free consultation.
Lets get it Done!!!
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