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by curveball496 » Mon Feb 27, 2023 11:02 am

Please direct your attention to the picture of Appendix 5 from the MLB rule book of 2022, pg.162.

The plate is 17" across. If you, the ump, were to require 1/2 the ball to cover the "white" it would for softball (~3.8" dia.) make the strike area width some 21 inches. Were you to adopt tennis standards, consistent with MLB real-time pitch mapping, it would be ~25" wide. On the other hand if you require the entire ball to be in the white, it reduces the zone to 13"(the softball size increase works against/for the pitcher/batter). That's the horizontal dimension. Look now at the vertical allocation. The hollows below the knee caps to the letters (knees-2-boobs), The Ncaa has adopted a much reduced vertical zone, something more like kness to belt. Along with the constrained horizontal dimension, this new bizarro zone is affecting the game, rewarding patient hitters who choose to swing big at only the fattest pitches. It has yielded large HR/AB %'s. Softball ought learn from baseball that HR ball is boring. Don't believe me, see attendance, HR/AB vs. time in MLB. Its dying a slow death constricted by over developed muscular brutes swinging for $'s.
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by xmarksthespot » Tue Feb 28, 2023 2:13 pm

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